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    At Nelson Animal Hospital, we strive to provide outstanding patient care at an affordable price for our community.  Our doctors continually remain current with changes in technology and procedures so that we can stay competitive in the market and offer our clients as many options for treatment as possible.

    We offer general services such as annual examinations and vaccines, routine anesthetic procedures such as dental cleaning and extractions, general surgical procedures such as spay and neuters, and a multitude of specialty surgical procedures.

    Our doctors and technicians understand the benefits and importance of sound diagnostic tools, and use them to help provide a clearer picture of complex situations. Digital Radiography, ultrasonography, blood chemistry machines, therapeutic laser and electro-cardio graphic monitoring   are a few of the diagnostic tools that we use directly on site. We also have great relationships with many of the surrounding after hours and specialty referral clinics if necessary for treating your pet’s specific needs.